short story. (2016)

The Ocean (EP / 2015)

27.01.2018 Wiesbaden – Kreativfabrik
03.02.2018 Mainz – Baron
09.02.2018 Darmstadt – TIP

Andreas Marx (g)


Oliver Kirsch (g)


Daniel Philip Brenner (b)


David Stahl (dr)

"Don't think - just listen". Morning Mode is a progressive / post rock band from Mainz/Wiesbaden (Germany). Morning Mode has accepted the challenge to mix distorted guitars and spherical sounds, time signature changes and catchy melodies. Their live shows are mesmerizing and energetic, never short of experimentation: the perfect balance between dreaming and rocking out!

Morning Mode was founded in 2012. The band members are Andreas Marx (guitar), David Stahl (née Marx, drums) Daniel Philip Brenner (Bass) and Oliver Kirsch (guitar). Each of the members was active in other projects before. David, Andreas and Philip were part of alternative/progressive band The Nuri.

In March 2015 Morning Mode released their first EP "The Ocean" licensed under Creative Commons.

Musically they are inspired by Karnivool, Porcupine Tree, Oceanside and Dredg, as well as Tool and Radiohead.

Mainz Baron (14.11.2015)

Wiesbaden Kesselhaus - Support The Hirsch Effekt (05.10.2015)

Mainz QKaff (03.11.2012)


David Stahl
Aifenweg 3
73730 Esslingen am Neckar